One of the hardest and most important decisions that a parent has to make is to choose the adequate school for his/her children. Northlands considers that each new student entering the School represents a mutual long-term commitment between the institution, the student and the family. This is a demanding relation for each of the parties, but provides unique and lifelong benefits, both for our students and for their families.

To ensure that this commitment may be mutually fulfilled, the School has set up different guidelines for the admission of its students. We hope that through our rigorous admission process the applicant families as well as the School may obtain the required information to determine if Northlands is the adequate School for the applicant.

Schedule of Admissions
  • Applications for admission at Northlands will be accepted as from the month of March for the following school year
    Closing date for Kindergarten: August 15
    Closing date for Primary and Secondary: October 1

Priority in the admission
Priority in the admission to School is granted, if and when vacancies are available and the applicants pass the admission process, to

  1. The children of School families
  2. The children of Old Northlanders

Admission process
  1. Complete the information form of the applicant and request an informative interview - Contact >>
  2. Once the family decides to start the admission process it should send the following documents
    to the Admissions Office:

    a. Application for admission On-line>>
    b. Signed form about the acceptance of the conditions for the admission process
    c. Letters of introduction of the family
    d. Copy of the last report

The Admission Office will assign the corresponding interviews as follows:

  • Admissions Director, Head of corresponding Section (Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary) and School Educational Psychologists/Psychologists. These interviews will be assigned for the same day and will last approximately one hour and 15 minutes.
  • Play session / examination: The Admissions Office will inform the parents of the date for the play session (in the case of Kindergarten) or the academic examination (in the case of Primary and Secondary)

Communication of the final decision about admission
The Admissions Office will inform the parents the final result of the admissions process.

Once the applicant is admitted, the secretary of the corresponding section will require several documents including the last page of the parents handbook signed. >>

Foreign families
Families coming from abroad must comply with the steps described in the admission process.
They should bring the following information to the admission interview:

  1. Reports from the current school
  2. Letter of introduction of the family, which may be from a School family or from an Old Northlander. Should there be no person related to the institution, a letter from a person who can be considered an adequate reference may be submitted (head of the current school). This letter should be sent in a sealed envelope to the Admissions Office and may not be written by a member of the School Staff or by a direct family member. Submitting the letter is a requirement for initiating the admission process and will, in no case, determine the applicant's admission.

Spanish for foreigners
The school offers learning support in Spanish, through its International Department / Special Spanish, to the students who need to learn or improve the language