In 1960, Miss Brightman donated the School to a Non-profit Association that watches over the good management and development of the institution. At present, the ACB (Asociación Civil de Beneficencia) has 75 volunteer Trustees, from whom the members of the Board of Governors are elected for a period of two years,
at the end of which they may be re-elected or are free to resign from their post.

Board of Governors   School Authorities

Chair: Pablo Rasore.
Vice Chair: Andrés Cazes.
Treasurer: Daniel Sielecki.
Secretary: Guadalupe Pasman.
Members: Marcos Clutterbuck. Alejandro Duhau. Roberto Helbling. Roberto Lavista Seguí. Marcela Rodrigo. Adrian Sucari.
Alternate Members:
Lucila Fernie. Marcelo Salas Martinez.
Auditor: Horacio Mantellini.
Alternate Auditor: Jorge Perdomo.


Headmaster: Nicholas Reeves
Deputy Head: Marisa Perazzo
Head of Development: Florencia Sackmann Sala
Head of Finance and Adm.: María Eugenia Rodríguez
Head of PE and Sports: Jorge Rey
Head of Performing Arts: Leandro Valle
Head of Secondary Nordelta: Shaun Hudson
Head of Primary Nordelta: Patricia Christensen de Gilbert
Acting Head of Kindergarten Nordelta: Alejandra Batu
Head of Secondary Olivos: Sofía Hughes
Deputy Head of Primary Olivos: Adriana García Posadas
Head of Kindergarten Olivos: Vanesa Henson