A brief historical account of the School

Northlands School was founded in 1920 by two visionary Englishwomen, Winifred M. Brightman and Muriel Ivy Slater. It opened its doors on April 1 of that year to 16 students (both boys and girls) and within a short time it had developed a solid reputation. Three years later NORTHLANDS stopped receiving boys and acquired renown as the best girls’ school in South America. Its main objectives of stimulating students to achieve a high academic level, always keeping in mind the personal, social and moral development of each student, became consolidated in the School motto of “Friendship and Service”.

Miss Brightman was at the head of the School for forty years, until 1961. Since then, NORTHLANDS has been a non-profit association, Northlands Asociación Civil de Beneficencia, from whose trustees the first Board of Governors was elected.

The eighties, significant advances
Right from its beginning NORTHLANDS offered the University of Cambridge International Exams: O, S & A levels. In 1989 Cambridge University modified the “O Levels” for a series of exams that all together formed the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The School’s constant search for improvement took on this challenge and started offering it to its students. This programme helps students develop creative thought, investigation & problem solving, and is recognized internationally as the equivalent of the last two years of compulsory education in Great Britain. In that same year, NORTHLANDS opened the Kindergarten in response to the community’s demand to obtain for their youngest children the educational quality offered by the School.

The nineties and modernization
In 1995 The Federal Law of Education gave schools the possibility of presenting its own institutional project which reflected their curricula. Based on this, NORTHLANDS submitted a new educational project seeking an individual personal development in which ethical, social, cultural, scientific, aesthetic and physical values could be developed harmoniously, through an integrated bilingual education of high quality and excellence.

The IB Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate) was authorized at the end of 1995. This programme develops in the students a strong sense of their own identity and culture as well as the ability to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures. That same year, Kindergarten started co-education by admitting boys in its section, making a change of direction in the history of the School.1998 saw the opening of a new coeducational campus, next to the Tortuguitas Sports Grounds.

The new century
In the year 2000, coinciding with the School’s 80th Anniversary, boys joined Primary in Olivos, and in March 2001, the Tortuguitas campus moved to the new 10-hectare grounds in Nordelta, Tigre.

As far as the Curriculum is concerned, the PYP (Primary Years Programme) of the IB was introduced in Olivos and authorized in 2004, in Nordelta it was authorized in 2007. This programme is centred in the development of the child as a whole, and focuses on an educational framework that is relevant, engaging, challenging and significant for all children. Towards the end of 2008, our Nordelta site was given authorization to deliver the Diploma Programme of the IB; in this way the objective to offer the same international programmes in both sites was completed, thus strengthening the concept of “Two sites, one School”.

2010, a memorable year
2010 marked a milestone in the history of the School for a series of events: NORTHLANDS celebrated its 90th Anniversary with the pride of having completed the education offered at the Nordelta site and graduation of the first co-ed class at NORTHLANDS, and the graduation of the last all girls class in the Olivos site; opening the door to the consolidation of the co-educational project throughout the School.

That same year, the May Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, which was commemorated nationally and NORTHLANDS had a great joint event for the whole community in Nordelta, that will be remembered by all present.

Today, NORTHLANDS is a co-educational bilingual school that provides both Argentine children and those of the international communities an education focusing on high academic standards, and the personal, social and moral development of each student.