The way we teach

Northlands educational proposal is built around the great strategic objective of "Two sites, One School" which in these last years has broadened its scope. This aim now includes the vision of becoming a modern organization which values and is enriched by the limitless potential of professional and personal interactions, working with teams of people that do not share the same geographical space.

The essence of our proposal is defined as an All Embracing, Bilingual Education from Multiple Perspectives. All embracing makes reference to a comprehensive project since we believe in educating the person as a whole, made up of a mind, a body and a soul.

The holistic aspect also refers to the variety of areas approached, the multifarious activities and experiences our students have access to. Northlands is undoubtedly a road of opportunities.

In a world in which lifelong careers are dwindling, in which jobs are changed more frequently, in which there is a permanent need to reinvent oneself, a sound basis that offers a broader and more versatile scope becomes a great added value.

This concept is directly linked to the multiplicity of perspectives and approaches which ensures the multiple opportunities. We aim at offering our students the possibility of looking at reality from different standpoints, with new and broad outlooks, always respecting the opinions of others.

Bilingualism means that English is the language of instruction for at least fifty percent of our curriculum content. Thus, our students achieve a mastery of written and spoken English that allows them to sit for international exams at a First Language level.

The development of this "full" person is put into practice through three major areas:

>> Development of Areas of Knowledge

The Development of Areas of Knowledge includes general knowledge, specific content
in the different subject areas, according to the age of our students, and above all,
and with increasing emphasis, thinking skills and metacognition.

Acquiring vast knowledge is a mandatory requirement to shape one's judgement and
be able to gain better understanding of reality in order to change it. Without content
the development of thinking skills cannot be achieved , but at the same time we acknowledge
that information increases at a staggering pace and many times it dates in a short while.
Our students are also furnished with the necessary tools to search for information, select it,
analyse its sources, their veracity and reliability.

Therefore, the "core" of our curriculum and the great differential value of our educational
proposal lies with the development of thinking skills.
In this world where dramatic change
is the order of the day, where paradigms shift permanently, where we are to deal with new problems
on a daily basis, the best legacy to our students is an education that enables them to confront
and resolve the new and unexpected.

What's more, our proposal aims at communicating across all the levels of our organization that knowledge is approached not only through reasoning, but also through perception, emotion and language. The richness of this approach in the education of our youngsters is enormous, with whom we also work on learning to know how we know.


>> Personal and Social Development

The core of our Personal and Social Development Programme comprises the great
universal ethical and moral values, with Integrity as the central virtue. The profile of
the IB community, which we have incorporated because it coincides with our beliefs,
refers to intellectual, emotional and ethic/moral aspects, so strengthening integral human
development: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded,
caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

The objective of our Personal and Social Development Programme is to set attainable objectives
in accordance with the academic area. The nine axes include personal and social aspects;
namely, Awareness of oneself, Responsibility for oneself, Awareness of others, Capacity for reflection,
Capacity to deal with change, Attitude of a "lifelong learner", Capacity to communicate, Sense of Justice
and Sense of Social Responsibility.


>> Physical Development

The Programme of Physical Development is implemented through physical and
sports activities, seeking health improvement, awareness of body care, nutrition,
quality of life and contact with nature.

This education process is as important as the competitive performance. The development
of physical aptitude is favoured and through sports the values of effort, commitment, responsibility
and respect are instilled in our students. Team spirit, fair play and positive competition are
also promoted as a way to develop better skills. To compete on the sports field also asks for
cooperation, both with one's own team as with the competitor, reaching agreement beforehand to
serve as reference.

These three great areas are intertwined with one another, and constantly overlap because,
as persons, we are ONE.

To make this happen we need to count on open-minded, versatile, flexible teachers, capable of having
a global view of the organization, and of becoming worthy guides for our students, leading
them to graduate furnished with the necessary tools to become agents of change.


We are sure this is the road towards achieving our Mission statement:

NORTHLANDS is a coeducational, bilingual IB World School that, through
caring and innovative teaching, educates young people to the full extent of
their individual potential. It is a school that values its Anglo-Argentine roots,
while respecting all cultures, religions and nationalities. It offers an all-encompassing,
warm, cordial and friendly environment which is reflected in its motto:
Friendship and Service. Graduates are individuals whose integrity and moral values
lead them to choose freely what is right.